Winnipeg South Sikh Centre

Winnipeg South Sikh Centre is a charity and religious organization and is conveniently located at 1248 Wilkes Ave (Sikh centre way) where Sangat from all over Winnipeg congregates regularly. Popularly referred to as “Sikh centre” it is a place of worship managed by the Sikh Community that is open to all who seek spiritual enlightenment. Winnipeg South Sikh Centre came into existence about thirty years back when few Sikh families realized that Gurudwara Sahib in the north was too far from their residence and hence, it was getting hard to commute every day. A piece of land was bought by these families at 500 Dover court. As time passed, the number of devotees outgrown what the space building at 500 Dover court could accommodate. Therefore, the decision to buy three Acres at 1248 Wilkes Ave (Sikh centre way) was made. A Beautiful and elegant building with about 20000 Sq. feet area was built. Now the Sikh Centre has three blocks, in which the main block is dedicated for Gurudwara while other smaller blocks are for Punjabi Classes, Kirtan classes and one for proposed indoor physical activities for kids.

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for the Sikh community of the “Winnipeg South" and surrounding areas to exercise their religion in a positive, constructive and supportive environment and promote Sikhism in the local community.

Winnipeg South Sikh centre is a community-based organization that works towards the realization of civil and human rights for all people. We work towards a world where Sikhs may freely practise and enjoy their faith while fostering strong relations with their local community wherever they may be.

Sikh centre hopes to build an empowered community that strives to educate and inspire the youth with Sikh values as enshrined by Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Naam Japna, Kirat Karni, Vand Chakna, living with Chardi Kala under Hukam, and seeking Sarbat Da Bhala).

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The Langar or free community kitchen is a hallmark of the Sikh faith. It was established by the first Guru of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, around the year of 1481.


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Devotional and communal singing in Sikhism is called Kirtan.


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Various events organized by Winnipeg South Sikh Centre.

WSSC programs