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Kirtan Classes

Kirtan Classes are held by Anhad Spiritual Academy. S Sher Singh Grewal gives Tabla and Harmonium training to the Kids every Saturday from 12 to 3 PM.

Punjabi Language Classes

S Shiv Charan Singh Sandhu has organized Punjabi Classes for the last 10 years every Sunday from 10 Am to 1 PM.

WSSC Soccer Training

WSSC Soccer training is given by S Shivcharan Singh Sandhu in Summer twice a week.

Health Education

To create awareness about healthy lifestyles and health WSSC management organizes various seminars throughout the year about diabetes and different chronic diseases. Management also conducts flu Clinics to give influenza vaccines to Sangat.


WSSC has a Small Library Named after one of the founders of Gurudwara S Partap Singh Panghura. This library has a good collection of books where Sangat can take books for reading to their home.

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